i’m really not into that story about that woman running after benedict’s car to meet him being portrayed as sweet instead of dangerous and stalkerish tbh

That’s the first thing I thought. You don’t run after someone’s car. That’s just weird and scary and not cute at all!!

I’m so angry at you right now Emelia! You’re the fucking dessert queen and you put up that shitty little plate for a semi final!?! WTF? What the fuck were you thinking? I honest to God hope Brent wins because I couldn’t bear it if Laura wins (she absolutely gives me the shits!).

Never in all the time I’ve watched crappy reality TV, does the one I’m rooting for win. Am I the jinx?


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Anonymous said: do you consider john and Mary's relationship as well as john and Sherlock's relationship abusive ones when considering his addiction to dangerous situations, how he keeps running back to it, and how they treated him in HLV? I really want to know your opinion on the topic



And you totally pinpointed it: this is largely predicated on that nasty word ‘addiction.’

If you buy into my reading of Sherlock and John’s relationship as a kind of BDSM power game, then the big issue here is consent.  Because consent can often be the only dividing line between abuse and BDSM.  If a person asks for it (really asks for it, not in the “she was wearing a short skirt” kind of sense), then it is not abuse.

(And in fact “You asked for it!” is a common justification for abuse and violence, both physical and emotional.) 

Consent requires two things: for the consenter to have possession of their faculties, and to have a sufficiently full understanding of what they’re consenting to.

In the very first episode, John is invited by Sherlock (“Could be dangerous”) and warned by Mycroft (“When you walk with Sherlock Holmes, you see the battlefield”).  John is in possession of the information and he makes his decision to go with Sherlock anyway.

In The Great Game, he sees past the gloss of Sherlock’s awesomeness and Sherlock fails to give him information that led to John being strapped into a bomb vest.  And yet, with one glance, Sherlock queries John’s consent, and John gives it.

(Spoilers down in there somewhere.)

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I have only just discovered mealforameal which is a concept run by Virgin Mobile and OzHarvest which will donate a plate of food for someone in need for every photo of food hash tagged as #mealforameal

I don’t think you guys will understand just how happy this made me!! It is an amazing concept and I hope they continue it!! So if you’re on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram please photograph your food and tag!! You don’t even have to go out of your way and you’ll be helping in providing a meal for someone who might desperately need it! :)


Lee & RIchiard with Amanda Kelly and Fraser Kelly (x) (x)

Y’all know exactly what I’m thinking!!

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As someone who was raised by a single mother (my whole life) it greatly bothers me when men raised by single mothers say they wish to have children to “be the father they never had”. It makes me feel like you’re implying that your mothers work and effort and sacrifices were not enough for you. Was it not enough to have your mother that you needed the presence of a man who didn’t want to be there in the first place and clearly didn’t care enough about you to stick around!

I wonder how E L James would feel if she were to go through what her lead female character goes through? I wonder how she would feel if she was the victim of domestic violence and rape? I wonder how she would feel if someone in her family (a daughter, a sister, a niece, her own mother even) was the victim of domestic violence and rape? I suppose she probably wouldn’t feel anything at all. She seems pretty proud of herself.